Dunia Buku

The Art of Letting God

“Is Allah not enough for His servant?”
(Az-Zumar : 36)

Probably, we have the chance to meet with people from all walks of life. Beautiful people, with interesting stories, sometimes tragic, but always inspiring. People’s struggles could have taught us many lessons about life.

Most prominently, that the events that happen to us don’t get to decide when our story is over. God does. And for as long as we continue to be blessed with the gifts of life, a sound of mind, and the ability to make a difference, we must continue to choose hope over fear, belief over doubt, and effort over despair.

 “Are you ready to finally let go, move on and live a happy and joyful life?”

Your future has more to offer you, than your past has to burden you. The reason you made it to this new day, despite the scars, despite the failures, despite the illness, is because God still has a plan for your life.

Keep your head up high and have faith in Rabb!

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